What clients say

"Even through the difficult sessions I knew that I was in capable hands and that my therapist could get me through it"

Helena, May 2017

"I was listened to, and this helped me come to terms with my issues and resolve them"

Rachel, March 2017

"Therapy really, really helped - this has been the best counsellor I have had and I have had quite a few in my life. Thank you very much"

Yvette, February 2017

"My experience of therapy has been enlightening and insightful. I have a better understanding and feel more capable to handle past situations and future obstacles"

Jake, May 2017

"I felt I could open up to my therapist more than anyone else I have talked to in the past. I really feel that their skills and techniques were very helpful to me. Thank you"

Adam, April 2017

"Excellent, I feel more alive now"

James, April 2017

"I got a lot out of the service. I felt able to discuss anything, and was made to feel as though I was in a safe place to do this. Talking through one's problems does enable progress, and has a positive effect on mental wellbeing"

Margaret, May 2017