What clients say

"The course was very helpful for work-related stress management"

Nick, May 2017

"The course materials and sheets were very informative and understanding. Facilities were relaxed, counsellors were very confident and informative"

Richard, June 2017

"The course sessions give you a lot of ideas of how to help you cope, ways to try and improve yourself. Overall I was very happy with what I got out of the sessions"

Gabriel, June 2017

"I enjoyed the relaxed manner and that I could speak without being judged. Good insight into negative thoughts and how to change patterns. Friendly and helpful"

George, May 2017

"The group has helped so much, just talking together and listening to other people's issues and points"

Mark, May 2017

"All sessions were focused on what I thought would be useful and always included me in how the sessions went. This made the treatment personal and so much more helpful"

Hannah, January 2017

"As a sufferer of social phobia attending a group workshop has been a major challenge - but I will say the group was extremely supportive and from sharing experiences we were able to gel. I hope to take away some valuable life skills from this workshop"

Darren, March 2017