We’re a social enterprise that provides psychological therapies to people in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Oasis-Talk is passionate about quality therapy being available to all people of all backgrounds, and about getting everyone the right type of therapy.

We are dedicated to building well-being for individuals and communities. Whilst we focus on creating emotional and mental well-being, we also work with organisations which create physical and social well-being to ensure a connected up approach for all who use our services.

From our Bristol office we provide face to face sessions, phone sessions and therapy online.

We offer:

As a social enterprise, we are passionate about all communities accessing psychological help, whatever their background. This means that any profit we make is used to help our community projects create well-being in ways that best suit the needs of their own communities. Any profit is also used to fund research pilots to help us learn the best ways to deliver psychological services, to improve access and quality of all therapy and well-being services. This means that when you use Oasis-Talk services you are helping yourself, and you are helping others.