Charlotte’s story

Charlotte used Oasis-Talk services three times, twice accessing one-to-one therapy and also attending a group course.

Charlotte had suffered with anxiety issues for 40 years, and was aware that she was falling into a pattern of negative thinking and wanted to address this and thereby give herself more confidence. After doing some online research about local support available, Charlotte was referred to Oasis-Talk. Her first sessions of 1:1 talking therapy helped Charlotte to open up, and her therapist also suggested that she might want to participate in a group self esteem course.

This was great as you are sitting with similar people, you don’t have to share your feelings or experiences but actually most people do as it’s such a comfortable setting”.  Charlotte went onto say.

“I was reassured that I wasn’t a weirdo! There are other people like me!”

Subsequently, at a particularly difficult time for Charlotte she was re-referred to Oasis-Talk and received 12 sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Over the course of the sessions she began to feel equipped to manage different situations.

“The therapist helped me feel OK about myself and reassured me that others feel wonky and wobbly at times too”.

The CBT gave Charlotte tools which she has used to help her maintain a balance in her life that she feels has been missing.

Charlotte knows that she can access treatment if she needs it in the future. Having suffered with anxiety for so long she is aware that she wouldn’t be a quick fix, and in fact found that the more she received help, the easier she found talking about her issues and, also gained a greater understanding of how to deal with the triggers for her anxiety.

To anyone thinking of accessing support for their mental health Charlotte says,

” I have no hesitation in recommending Oasis Talk, the services have really made a difference to me. There are moments in the process that you can feel overwhelmed but the therapists help you and it is so worthwhile to keep going.”

Charlotte feels she has learnt a lot about herself throughout her treatment, including how to recognise and deal with certain feelings. For Charlotte, the most important thing is knowing that she isn’t a ‘broken person’ and that lots of other people often feel like she does.