Thomas’ story

81-year-old Thomas has a military background and during his career in the Forces he experienced a number of traumatic incidents and in particular one very difficult and intense situation which has left him carrying disturbing memories and feelings of stress.

Over time Thomas recognised that he really wanted to talk to someone about his experiences, something he had never really been able to do partly due to the specialist nature of his military career. He was referred for some 1:1 talking therapy which he received over a period of weeks.

Thomas says “it was such a relief to be able to talk to someone who listened intently”. The therapist was very competent and would make comments and ask questions which allowed Thomas to think about his past in different ways.  For Thomas having someone to “truly listen to himand make him feel comfortable talking about his experiences has really helped.

He says he would encourage others to seek support as “just talking eases the mind and helps put things in perspective”.