David’s story

David had been suffering with anxiety and depression for a long time. He also suffered with IBS and on one occasion he had acute chest pains and felt he was having a heart attack. After visiting A&E and seeing various cardiologists his heart was declared healthy though he continued to experience migraines and palpations. David is self employed and this had a real impact not only on his work but his social well being too, as he began to “retreat into a shell”.

David undertook a group anxiety course which he found helpful but he felt that he still needed more support to get him out of such a difficult place. He knew that prescribed medications weren’t helping and that he needed more help. David was referred for 10 sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with Oasis-Talk.

David says that prior to his CBT I was not convinced that talking therapies would help me, it was difficult for me to accept that my significant physical symptons were a result of anxiety and depression. At my first session I was open minded but unsure there would be a long term benefit”.

David describes the therapist as “very skilled and professional “. Even after the first session he had “more confidence that it would help”. The therapist was able to encourage David to talk about issues that were linked to his anxiety and helped to be aware of the impact of certain things on his wellbeing. David and the therapist developed strategies that he is able to put into use to help him overcome some of his anxieties and thereby minimise his depression. Since the CBT David has not been to hospital, he feels that the sessions  ”helped him an awful lot and he has made really good progress” .

It is fair to say that David was apprehensive about therapy but his experience has been very positive. In summary David says “Try it, it might not be for everyone but you should try it as after one session my doubts had been allayed”.