Mike’s story

Mike had been suffering with painful physical symptoms of an extreme stress disorder for several months. After receiving his diagnosis he sought help via his GP who referred him for a series of six face to face counselling sessions. As a shift worker, Mike needed some flexibility as to when his appointments were and he found that Oasis-Talk were able to accommodate his needs willingly.

Having accessed counselling therapy several years previously, Mike had some knowledge of what to expect from his sessions. Despite this, he says he still found it a

” little awkward telling your life story to a stranger, I felt a bit embarrassed.”

However, the therapist soon made Mike feel more comfortable and he was able to share his feelings. Over the course of his treatment Mike found that it

became nice to talk to someone about everything and she helped me work out a plan to overcome some of my stress” .

Some things were very personal to Mike, and he found it difficult at times, but his therapist helped him understand his feelings and the triggers of stress. Mike has learnt how to try and take the stress out of his day-to-day life to help him feel better.

Thinking back to his sessions Mike says he

“feels so much better and is really grateful to his therapist”.

He knows that the counselling really helped him and he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to someone else.

To sum up his treatment Mike says

It really helps to say things aloud to someone else, it may be hard but don’t bottle it all up – let it out and you will feel so much better”.