Wellbeing Ambassadors


Oasis Talk had the bitter-sweet celebration to mark the end of the BAB funded Wellbeing project last month for the Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority communities in Bristol. It was very touching to hear stories of how the project has made such an impact to people’s lives. It really demonstrated community spirit and was great fun, listening to the singing and the drumming.

Oasis Talk feel passionate about finding further funding to continue the partnership delivery into 2020/2021. In particular we all would like further funding to support the work of the 13 volunteers who qualified as wellbeing course facilitators.  Together we aim to implement support and early intervention right at the heart of the community. We are committed to making this innovative project go beyond making a service ‘accessible for all’, together we are addressing barriers such as stigma, language and accessibility of mainstream services.

If you would like to fund this project we have a crowd funding page which can be found here.

Your donations make a huge difference to people living in Bristol and we thank you for your continued support.