Case study – How Shannon learned to manage her anxiety

Shannon had suffered with anxiety on and off since her childhood and was aware that her anxious thoughts and unhelpful beliefs were stopping her from moving towards her goals of becoming more independent. This had resulted in Shannon experiencing low self-worth, worrying about the future and feeling low. Shannon contacted Oasis-Talk for a therapeutic assessment as she was unsure what therapy would best suit her needs. 

Together, we identified that cognitive behavioural therapy would be helpful for Shannon to address unhelpful beliefs and behaviours that might be maintaining her anxiety. Shannon received 12 sessions of evidence-based CBT which were focused around helping her to identify core beliefs and to better understand her anxiety. 

As we worked through the sessions, Shannon was able to identify unhelpful patterns of thinking that were feeding her anxiety and learned to challenge these thoughts by thinking in a more helpful, balanced way. She also began engaging with situations she had previously avoided due to the fear her anxiety would be too difficult to tolerate. This helped Shannon to grow in confidence and ultimately be kinder to herself. Shannon reported that her CBT sessions had helped her to acknowledge her feelings, learn to accept them and engage with tasks and activities in line with her goals and values. 

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