Improving access to services for older people

Oasis-Talk have recently been awarded some money from Bristol Aging Better to run a small pilot scheme in Easton in Bristol to identify the barriers for different communities of older people accessing talking therapies, and to help us design services to overcome the barriers which are identified.

According to a recent report by Age UK (“Hidden in plain sight – older people’s mental health”) around 3 million people over the age of 60 are currently living with depression, and this is set to rise to 4.3 million over the next 15 years as the population of older people continues to increase. There is currently a serious shortfall in NHS provision of mental health services for this age group, especially in talking therapies, which are seen to be the most effective treatment for depression: There is some evidence that people over 65 actually respond better than young people to this form of support.

Oasis-Talk is committed to addressing the shortfall and supporting older people throughout local communities in whatever way we can: This award will help us to do it.