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As we move further into lockdown, we may be feeling the impact of the current situation in a variety of different ways: Increased anxiety around our own health and the health of friends and loved ones; the stress of supporting others who may be particularly vulnerable; uncertainty about the future (When will the lockdown end, and how will life be afterwards?). And sadly, some of us will have to deal with loss and bereavement. 


If you are an employer, your staff may be trying to manage all of these issues and more, including: 


  • Financial concerns around possible job loss or the effects of furlough
  • Major changes in daily routines (working on the kitchen table whilst trying to look after the family)
  • Strained relationships from spending a lot of time indoors with partners and children
  • Loss of the stability that a regular daily structure brings (particularly for those on furlough)
  • Reduced contact with colleagues who might otherwise offer support or advice
  • Trying to get to grips with the technology needed for home working


Just one of these can adversely affect our mood: Several at the same time can create serious levels of stress, anxiety or depression. This is where we can help. 


Oasis-Talk can provide a flexible programme of support for your staff, as and when they need it, without the longer-term financial commitment of contracting with an Employer Assistance Program (EAP). We can offer 1:1 counselling or CBT with highly skilled therapists, by phone or online video calling. We have also developed a short (30 minute) support session for employees who are suffering from anxiety that is directly related to COVID-19. In addition, there is the option of online group sessions to help people stay well during the lockdown. 


To find out more, contact or call us on 0117 927 7577


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