The Benefits of Online Talking Therapy

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The  Benefits of Online Talking Therapy

As we navigate the new and developing restrictions in the aftermath of lockdown, the importance of technology in our daily lives becomes increasingly visible. This may include online food shopping, Friday night pub quizzes on Zoom, or the ability to work from home. Yet with such significant changes to our routines, the need for therapy still remains. Therefore, this article will outline several benefits of receiving online therapy.


  1. Online therapy can provide increased accessibility to clients who have limited mobility, live in remote regions, or have reduced access to transportation, as such issues are often barriers to face-to-face therapy sessions. When a therapy session is being carried out via a computer, it removes the stress of planning, timetabling, and travelling, making it easier to attend and maintain regular sessions.


  1. Most therapeutic centres aim to be discreet, but for some people physically entering a building may cause some anxiety. Online- therapy can reduce this anxiety, reducing physical interactions with people or the chances of unexpectantly seeing someone you know.


  1. Online talking therapy sessions can introduce a sense of security as you are in the comfort of your own home. Therefore, the feeling of being vulnerable reduces and this makes it easier to communicate more openly about your concerns and worries. When this is the case, you will get more from your therapy session. In fact, many people prefer online psychotherapy and progress may be quicker as a result.


If you are dealing with recurrent psychological and emotional issues, or struggling with coronavirus anxiety, Oasis-Talk can help. For more information or to book If you would like to access online support you can find out more information by calling 0117 9 277 577 or by our contact us page.