Vicki Palmer speaks at Manchester conference about AQP

Vicki Palmer, our Clinical Director, was recently invited to present at a healthcare conference in Manchester, on Oasis-Talk’s experience of AQP [Any Qualified Provider] delivery so far. This is a new form of delivery of NHS mental health services, brought in by the coalition government and which we are piloting in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. The presentation was received well and provoked considerable discussion along with discussions about PBR [payment by results] which we are also piloting before this goes national in 2017. It is too early in the AQP delivery to evaluate how it is working for service users and for staff. There are many aspects of AQP that are working in Bristol and South Gloucestershire and there are others which are still work in progress. Through collecting data in Oasis-Talk on PBR, it is clear that all staff are motivated to offer quality evidence based therapy, helping clients towards recovery, and are not motivated by payment by results. Discussion with David Perton, the national presenter of PBR at the conference, pointed towards national  PBR being driven by national interests.