Clinical supervision

Oasis-Talk views clinical supervision as an essential ethical requirement to support therapists in offering good quality, effective therapy. We also see it as essential for all roles which offer emotional support.

Oasis-Talk delivers supervision using experienced therapists who have done additional supervision training and are qualified to deliver clinical supervision. This can be individual or group supervision. There are benefits to both.

What to expect

You meet with your supervisor for a minimum of 1.5 hours a month to discuss your clinical practice in a safe confidential setting. The amount and frequency of supervision should be in direct proportion to clinical hours and level of experience. Trainee therapists are more frequently supervised than qualified therapists.

Supervision enables the therapists to view their work with more distance to take an overview of how they are approaching their work with each client. The supervisor supports, challenges and restores the therapist so they can offer their best bespoke work for each client.

Oasis-Talk provides clinical supervision for whole services as well as individuals.

We conduct annual reviews of supervision to help therapists and organisations to update and improve the quality of work.