What clients say

"The service exceeded my expectations, absolutely nothing to improve. My therapist was a complete life saver (probably quite literally), without her help I'd be stuck at square one still. This service is second to none. Thank you, for your time, your compassion, understanding and knowledge"

Fred, May 2017

"The level of expertise of my practitioner has been of the highest standard, conducted in a proficient professional manner delivered in a humane way."

Graham, December 2017

"I feel that the service has provided me with the skills and confidence to achieve my goals and cope with anything negative that comes my way. I am very grateful and have come a long way. "

David. February 2018

"My therapist was professional, friendly and put me at ease. The staff involved in booking appointments were accommodating and allowed me to access the service without stress - I had some evening appointments. The experience has changed my life in a really positive way. "

Jo, January 2018

"My therapist has been brilliant. The understanding and awareness of my issues has really allowed me to feel like I could and can open up."

Scott, September 2017

"I came in confused and doubtful of my sessions because I felt hopeless. My therapist made me feel confident, we used CBT to tackle my problems. I will forever be indebted to her and I aim to keep up the progress I have made."

Chris, February 2018