What clients say

"She didn’t push me to do too much to soon which I was worried about beforehand but at the same time by the end of the sessions I felt like I has made a lot of progress."

John. January 2018

"At the moment I feel so much more in control of my life. Thank you. "

Lucy, February 2018

"I'm glad I made the move to come to therapy, it has been really helpful. It is never too late."

Rachel , January 2018

"Perceptive and calm manner of the therapist was helpful. They gave me interesting and practical ideas and techniques. It has really helped me to begin to get back to being myself"

Ewan, June 2018

"I came in so worried and nervous. I was down, felt hopeless and afraid . I'm now a completely different person, I am transformed and full of hope. I can't thank you enough!"

Rachel, September 2018

"The experience I had was overwhelmingly positive. I feel that my therapist took time to understand my needs and how to help me. I would recommend to anyone if they needed help."

Naomi, April 2018

"This has been a really helpful space, it's allowed me to unravel my feelings and has been an excellent start to my mental health recovery"

Mark, July 2018

" I feel I have left the sessions a happier person. Confident I can make the right choices. I can't thank the therapist enough"

Nicky, May 2018

" I came here broken and now I am fixed"

Richard, April 2018

"After suffering for nearly 4 years I have reached the light at the end of the tunnel. The sessions were a real eye opener and so helpful. The therapist was amazing"

Kate, July 2018

"Very good service, I would recommend to anyone going through difficulties"

Alex, August 2018

"I feel a lot lighter and better after these sessions"

Amy, September 2018

"Really useful sessions with plenty of practical help. My targets / things to do between sessions were realistic and not too much."

Helen, August 2018