Brief psychodynamic therapy

Psychodynamic therapy seeks to discover how unconscious thoughts and past experiences shape current behaviour. It’s likely you’ll talk to your therapist about your childhood and relationships with parents and others – and how this impacts your day-to-day experiences now. Brief psychodynamic therapy is useful when you don’t understand why you are feeling what you are feeling. It can be useful for those experiencing medically unexplained symptoms, or for those who have experienced domestic abuse or childhood sexual abuse. Brief Psychodyanamic Therapy is a shorter version of long term psychotherapy.

What you can expect

Your therapist will ask you about early and recent experiences and will help you understand your present situation and help you resolve your past experiences. Some people find they feel worse before they start to feel better and if this happens to you, your therapist will support you in managing this.

We provide this type of therapy for those who find it difficult to form a therapeutic relationship quickly. Where abuse has been prolonged, it can take time to trust a new therapist and it can take time to complete the therapy safely. Knowing that the therapy can continue for up to year can offer the safety required even if fewer sessions turn out to be enough. Your therapist will regularly review your therapy with you so that you both know how it is progressing and what is or isn’t working for you. The regular pattern of working with the same therapist each week supports the safety needed for the work.

Book a private therapeutic assessment to find out if brief psychodynamic therapy is the right approach for you.