Cognitive behavioural therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT, is a talking therapy in which you and your therapist work together on how you think about a situation (cognitive) and how you respond to these thoughts (behaviour).

CBT is based on the principle that we learn unhelpful ways of thinking and behaving over a long period. Identifying and working on these thoughts can help you change your thinking, leading to positive feelings and changes in your behaviour.

Cognitive behavioural therapy focuses on present and future experience rather than on the past. Past experiences are worked with in terms of how they influence current thinking, feelings and behaviours. This type of therapy particularly suits those who like a structured, methodical and logical approach. It is very effective in treating anxiety, including social anxiety, health anxiety, performance anxiety, exam anxiety, panic, and phobias.

What you can expect from cognitive behavioural therapy

Your therapist will ask you about your thoughts and your feelings about the experience you are having. Together you will set realistic goals for your therapy. You will then create a plan for your therapy with your therapist. This is likely to involve examining your thoughts and feelings in more detail, perhaps writing them down in a thought diary. This detailed analysis could result in you carrying out assignments or experiments between sessions that will help you to change unhelpful thinking patterns. You will then create healthy, helpful thinking paterns. You will also discover the coping strategies that work best for you.

Your therapist will use the same approach to work with you on your feelings and your behaviours. Physical experience of feelings will be explained so that you can discover how small changes in behaviour can change your experience of distressing feelings.

Evidence-based reseach indicates that CBT is the best therapy for anxiety, intrusive thoughts, phobias, panic and OCD. It is equally effective as counselling for depression.

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