Couples counselling

Our relationships with others are fundamental to our well-being, and especially relationships with partners. With the demands in a rapidly changing world it can be challenging to maintain a mutually supportive, close relationship. These demands impact differently on different people and can destabilise what was previously a good relationship. Sometimes the demands are from outside of the relationship, such as demands of work, redundancy, retirement, family, friends and acquaintances. Sometimes the demands happen within the relationship, such as depression, illness, change of home or financial circumstances. These challenges can cause deep distress, and even wounding when things are said or done that can’t be undone.

It is possible for a relationship to recover and deepen with the right help at the right time. For others, both people realise it is time to end the relationship and counselling can help to end the relationship well. For couples counselling to be helpful it does require a willingness of both people to fully engage and commit to the counselling.

What is couples counselling?

Couples counselling, also known as relationship counselling, offers a caring and supportive environment to help you find a way through difficulties you are facing in your relationship with your spouse or partner. We can provide couples counselling for same sex relationships, transitioning relationships, other kind of relationships and heterosexual relationships. We can also help where one of the couple is depressed, ill, or is facing other challenges such as a recent trauma.

What you can expect

You can expect to be both supported and challenged in couples counselling. You will be supported to be clear with your partner, to hear your partner, and to find solutions and new ways of being with your partner. This process can be challenging, can be distressing, is often surprising, and sometimes can even include humour.

It will help you understand yourself and your partner more, and help you understand what is happening in the relationship between you.

You should expect to attend between 6 and 20 sessions, with regular reviews to see what is and isn’t working in the therapy. Your therapist may invite you to separate individual sessions as part of the therapy, as well as sessions together.

Your relationship is worth investing in, so some couples decide to have top up follow up sessions at regular intervals to review their relationship.

At Oasis-Talk we can help with:

  • Relationship challenges where one person is depressed, ill, or newly diagnosed with a life changing illness
  • Changes in life circumstances that are impacting the relationship
  • Relationship break up
  • The challenge of affairs
  • The challenge of changing sexual identity
  • The impact of addiction on relationships

Online couple counselling

Due to the current coronavirus restrictions we now offer online couple counselling from £75 a session. Please contact us to book a session. read more

Meet the team

Oasis-Talk is run by a core team who lead and coordinate the work of a group of highly committed, skilled therapists and well-being facilitators. read more