Private therapeutic assessment

The best approach for you

At Oasis-Talk we offer a 1.5 hour therapeutic assessment to find out what would be the best approach for you and your current issues. We offer this within two weeks, depending on your availability.

This session offers therapy too. Some people find this one longer appointment is enough and don’t need further sessions. For others it helps them work out which would be the best type of therapy for them. It is particularly useful when you are experiencing grief, low mood, depression or anxiety to talk to a trained therapist as soon as possible. A little support at the right time can make all the difference to finding your best way forward.

What you can expect

You will meet an experienced, qualified therapist for 1.5 hours. This will be face to face in central Bristol unless you prefer it to be by phone. We also offer online therapy by specific arrangement. To book an appointment for an online therapy assessment please fill out our contact form.

Your therapist will find out what has brought you to therapy, and will work with you on those issues to see if they can be resolved sufficiently for you not to need more therapy at this time, or perhaps to find other ways of approaching your situation. If you both agree that therapy is needed your therapist will work out with you the best counselling approach for you and for what you are bringing to therapy. They will explain that approach fully to you so you will know what to expect. They will also suggest something to do or reflect on to prepare yourself for the therapy whilst you are waiting.

If you are receiving your next therapy with Oasis-Talk, your therapist will discuss whether you would like to stay with the same therapist, if the therapist can deliver the modality you need.

Why we offer longer therapeutic assessments

In 2015-17 we conducted a two-year research pilot in collaboration with the University of Chester, the University of the West of England [UWE], the South Gloucestershire CCG [NHS Clinical Commissioning group], and with our NHS Service Users to research the best way of doing assessment for talking therapies. The results inform how we now deliver assessments.

In the first year we delivered 1.5 hour assessments face to face with our most experienced therapists. Previously assessments had been 30-40 minutes on the phone with the least experienced therapists. The results surprised us by the extent to which the longer assessment with therapy produced the most cost effective way and the most clinically effective way of delivering assessments. 39% of service users found that this one session, with an experienced therapist offering therapy as well as assessment was sufficient for their needs. We followed up to check that this was still the case. For those that did need therapy, they needed fewer sessions because they received the right approach for them and their issues and they understood what the therapy would be offering them. Recovery rates for these people were 10% higher than for those service users who saw exactly the same therapists for their therapy, but who had received a phone assessment with a less experienced practitioner.

In the second year we delivered therapeutic assessments of 1 hour, and found that only 32% found this sufficient with a follow up call. Those who needed therapy required more sessions on average and the recovery rates declined.

To book your private therapeutic assessment call us on 01179 277577 or fill out our contact form.

Online therapeutic assessments

Due to the current coronavirus restrictions we now offer online assessments. Please contact us to book a session. read more