Virtual reality therapy

Oasis-Talk was the UK first clinic to pilot virtual reality therapy in collaboration with Oxford University. It is a very successful for treatment of fear of heights, with a 98% recovery rate. Even those with a very severe height phobia have benefited from this treatment. In Autumn of 2019 we will also offer virtual reality therapy for fear of social situations (social anxiety).

What is virtual reality therapy?

You wear a headset which delivers the session using a virtual therapist in a virtual reality setting seen and heard through the headset. Oasis-Talk provides this therapy with an experienced therapist in the room to offer support and to ensure safety during the session.

It is thought to work so well because the client experiences all the emotion of feeling unsafe in the virtual scene through the headset, whilst simultaneously feeling safe in the room with the therapist. This trains the brain to begin to feel safe in a situation which previously caused strong anxiety.

What you can expect

Your Oasis-Talk therapist will work out with you how many sessions will be needed. This is usually 3-7 sessions depending on the severity of your anxiety. He or she will teach you how to use the headset and will introduce you to working with virtual reality. Those who play games online will be very familiar with the technology, but it is easy for everyone to quickly get used to it. Your therapist will support you through the session and discuss it with you afterwards. You can expect your fears to lessen or disappear within the first few sessions.

“It has been really beneficial, I genuinely don’t have to worry about heights now and my confidence has significantly improved.” Naomi

Read how we helped Naomi overcome her fear of heights.

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