Reflective practice consultancy

Senior professionals, leaders and managers can become isolated and over-pressured with the demands on their roles. Reflective practice provides a safe space to step back from the coal face to consider priorities away from immediate demands. It helps to address the personal impact of your work as well as the professional issues arising.

Why choose Oasis-Talk?

Oasis-Talk has designed and delivered a supervision diploma, and has hosted an international supervision conference. We therefore have an understanding of what is required for the delivery of quality reflective practice consultancy and supervision. Having worked closely with colleagues in health, social services, third sector mental health, social care, education and corporate sector, we are aware of the pressures on senior staff in these organisations in a rapidly changing environment. This ability to stand back and reflect on personal and organisational activity and performance can save time and money, because decisions can be made in a neutral, supportive environment where it becomes easier to take the full helicopter view of all options within all that is happening. Our supervisors are therapists and coaches who have supervision training and qualifications.

What you can expect

Before you meet your consultant, you have a 30 minute free phone call to check if there is a good fit for you with your consultant. You decide how often to meet. This could be fortnightly, monthly,  bimonthly or quarterly. Sessions are 1-2 hours depending on frequency of meeting and your current needs.

Your consultant will find out what you need to gain from the space and together you will create an agenda for the meeting. In future meetings you will know how to prepare for the meeting so that you can get the most from your session.

Our supervision and consultancy is reviewed annually to ensure that the consultancy is adapting to changing needs and changing environments.

Get in touch to find out more

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