Courses we offer

Our courses help people deal with a wide range of psychological and emotional issues.

Courses we offer at Oasis-Talk include:

Anger management
For anyone who loses their temper resulting in destructive or aggressive behaviour. We start by looking at what anger is and helping you identify your triggers. You’ll learn techniques to control your anger and stay calm.
Anxiety management
For people suffering from excessive worry, tension and irritability and/or physical signs such as restlessness, trouble sleeping, headaches and sweating. This workshop will equip you with skills and techniques to manage your anxiety and cope with anxiety-provoking situations.
Assertiveness skills
Not everyone is naturally assertive. This workshop will help you identify and assert your needs and learn more effective ways of handling relationships.
Depression Management
For those with symptoms of depression such as fatigue, trouble sleeping or over-sleeping, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness and low self-esteem. Learn strategies for managing your mood, behaviour and relationships so you can manage and overcome your depression.
Improving self-esteem
For those who feel bad about themselves or that they are letting themselves and others down. You’ll learn ideas and techniques to help you improve your self-confidence and to feel valuable and worthy just as you are.
Managing Life and Work Stress
If you experiencing high levels of stress at home or at work, this workshop will help you to develop practical problem-solving strategies to manage what you can control, and effective ways of looking after yourself and coping with what you can’t control.
Workshops for carers
Run by our partners at the Carers Support Centre, the Caring with Confidence workshop will help you deal with the emotional demands of your role providing long-term care to a family member or friend. Workshops are also available on caring for people with dementia or at the end of life.
Mindful living
Mindfulness meditation can help you manage difficult thoughts and feelings by holding them in calm awareness instead of reacting in ways that may make things worse. This can lead to improved mood and greater calm. The workshop can help with anxiety and stress, and reduce the likelihood of relapse if you have had several episodes of depression. We also run a workshop for people whose emotional wellbeing is affected by long-term health conditions. The workshops are not suitable if you are currently in the middle of a severe episode of depression.
Relaxation skills
Relaxation can help you manage the effects of stress on the mind and body and increase your coping ability. This workshop teaches relaxation skills, including meditation. It is suitable for people suffering from conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety, heart disease and chronic pain.
Managing Panic
This workshop is specifically for people who suffer from panic attacks and/or who may find themselves avoiding situations because of fear of having a panic attack. You will learn practical strategies to help you step out of the “vicious cycle” of panic and get your life back on track.
Sleep Management
Getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge if you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression or have physical health problems. This workshop will help you to understand how and why we sleep; identify possible causes for your own sleep problems; and explore a range of tools and techniques to improve the duration and quality of your sleep.