Virtual reality therapy

Oasis-Talk is at the forefront of offering virtual reality (VR) therapy in the UK, firstly in the NHS and now privately. In collaboration with Oxford VR, we are now the first private clinic to adopt the new virtual reality programme for social anxiety and fear of heights.

What is virtual reality therapy?

VR therapy combines virtual reality with the presence of a skilled therapist in the room. The virtual reality enables a simulated experience of the outside world of everyday situations to be brought inside the therapy room. During the session the patient experiences all the emotions of feeling unsafe in the virtual scene through the headset, whilst simultaneously feeling safe in the room with the therapist. This trains the brain to begin to feel safe in a situation which previously caused strong anxiety.

It is a very successful for treatment of fear of heights, with a 98% recovery rate. Even those with a very severe height phobia have benefited from this treatment.

Why virtual reality?

The most effective treatments are active: patients experience situations they find difficult and practice more helpful ways of thinking and behaving. This is often impractical in face-to-face situations but easy to achieve with VR. Using VR we can create powerful simulations of scenarios that cause distress, providing a safe space to try new behaviour. Studies have demonstrated VR’s extraordinary potential to deliver rapid, lasting improvements in psychological health in 3-7 sessions.

The experience of VR therapy triggers the same psychological and physiological reactions as real-life situations, meaning that what people learn from VR stays with them in the real world.

We are still taking bookings

Due to the current coronavirus restrictions we are not able to deliver VR therapy sessions during this time. We are however taking bookings for when restrictions are lifted and we will be able to provide face-to-face sessions again. Thank you for your understanding. To book your session please get in touch.

Special offer

We are offering a 50% discount to the first 30 new clients in 2020 who wish to undertake a programme of six sessions for the treatment of social anxiety and agoraphobia. If you would like to book this offer or to find out more information please contact us. read more

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