Help with fear of heights

If you have an intense fear of heights that affects your daily life we highly recommend our virtual reality therapy programme. Fear of heights is a significant clinical problem, estimated to affect 3-5% of the population. Avoiding situations where you will be exposed to heights isn’t always possible.

Virtual reality therapy can help you overcome your fears

We are the first clinic to adopt virtual reality therapy for height phobia. Our immersive therapy has proven to be extremely successful, with a 98% recovery rate. Even those with a very severe height phobia have benefited from this treatment.

This programme has been especially developed to help people feel more confident with higher altitude situations. Through the VR technology we can create powerful simulations of scenarios that cause distress, providing a safe space to try new behaviour. Combining this new evidence-based treatment with the skills of a qualified therapist, we can help you feel safer in a range of situations such as:

  • Crossing a bridge or walkway
  • Visiting a shopping centre
  • Using escalators
  • Visiting office buildings with a lot of glass
  • Standing on a ladder or open staircase

What to expect from virtual reality therapy for fear of heights

The therapy combines virtual reality with the presence of a skilled therapist in the room. The virtual reality enables a simulated experience of the outside world of everyday situations to be brought inside the therapy room. Your therapist is then able to guide you through increasing levels of challenge through the programme. She will combine her skills in cognitive behavioural therapy with the virtual reality experience to help you to successfully overcome your fears in relatively few sessions (usually 3-7 sessions).

In the first session your therapist will find out which height situations you find particularly stressful. She will explain the programme to you, and give you a trial demo so you can get used to it. You will choose a specific situation that you find challenging and your therapist will then take you through the programme at your own pace to overcome those fears and your anxiety.

“It has been really beneficial, I genuinely don’t have to worry about heights now and my confidence has significantly improved.” Naomi

Read how virtual reality therapy helped Naomi get over her fear of heights. 

We are still taking bookings

Due to the current coronavirus restrictions we are not able to deliver VR therapy sessions during this time. We are however taking bookings for when restrictions are lifted and we will be able to provide face-to-face sessions again. Thank you for your understanding. To book your session please get in touch.

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